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How We Light A Creative Fire

A fire doesn't just start on its own, it takes some energy to get it burning.  Below outlines the five step process we utilize in developing and implementing a brainstorm event.  Click each icon to learn more.

1. What you don't want is a fire burning out of control


This initial step ensures we identify your session objectives and helps to make sure we're all on the same page.  We learn from you.

2. We have ignition


Using the Burn Plan, it's time to get the creative flame burning.  We engage the team through strategic facilitation with the goal of developing and sharing as many focused ideas as possible. 

3. The room will be hot with creative inspiration


There's more to a brainstorm then just a flip chart.  The room and setting are just as important as the team assembled to create your next big idea.

4. It's important to capture every idea


Capturing every idea during the session and pushing the team to dig deep, we'll move beyond the expected.  We'll organize, and supply you with, all the creative fuses for future inspiration.

5. The big bang you've been looking for


While we capture every idea from the session, there are certain ideas that just burn hot!  We filter and prioritize the top ideas and develop actionable concepts for you to implement.

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