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"We have ignition!"

Ignite the Mind will provide the creative sparks to keep the session burning.  We’ll manage the group and capture all ideas, notes and concepts that flair up during the burn.  The goal is to challenge the day-to-day thinking, and draw out quality concepts based on stretching the team's thinking.

You never know when you’ll land on the big idea or where it will come from.  Editing too much during the process slows down creativity and holds back exploration.  As the team gets going, they'll move from the obvious low hanging fruit to those concepts that have been hiding under the “tried and true”. 

At the same time, we know that fire can be unpredictable.  We want to dig deep for new ideas, but we also want to keep the team focused on the task at hand.  That’s why we serve as the burn boss and give guidance during the process, keeping us on track and helping to filter as we go.  We make sure the creative fires burn evenly and at the right temperature.

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