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Creative eSparks

Online sources of creative inspiration to help give you some sparks of a new idea

This resource scans the globe for the latest in new business ideas, concepts and start-ups. Great inspirational resources that shows how thinking differently can lead to new business opportunities.  You'll find yourself saying, "I should've thought of that!"

A sister resource to Springwise, searches globally for the latest consumer trends and insight.  Gives a great snapshot of what's influencing behaviors.  Trendwatching uses its network of spotters in more than 120 countries worldwide who report on the latest happenings in the world of business. 

Inc Magazine

While this publication focuses on small to medium sized businesses, it provides great information and perspective on future businesses opportunities, technology and trends shaping the marketplace.  Great entrepreneurial energy!

Trend & Tonic

The Futures Company is a another organization that watches consumer trends and reports on behaviors.  They offer a great snapshot on what's happening in their daily Trend & Tonic buzz report.

This resource and enewsletter provides daily input in the world of big brand management and marketing.  A good place to follow the actions, new marketing ventures and interests of the brands we all know.


This blog is the largest independent resource for news on technology, social media and the growth and development of the digital age.  You'll find this is an incredible site to spend some time just looking around as you uncover thought-provoking content on "digital culture".

Sustainable Brands

The flagship forum from Sustainable Life Media, Sustainable Brands offers a new perspective on business, trends, innovations and research from the largest global brands as they incorporate sustainable practice into everything from production to marketing. You'll find some very cool ideas  and news on the forward movement of sustainable business. 


Kind of like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get from this socially-empowered site!  Founded by a previous co-founder of Huffington Post, BuzzFeed covers the latest viral news across a bunch of different topics including technology, entertainment, sports and politics. 

Cool Hunting

This site is like an online toy box about creativity and innovation in design, technology and culture.  Really great content in a buzz-report format.  Originally created as a designer's personal reference, you'll always find something interesting from the global editors posting creative finds.


If you find inspiration from technology then this site will become a daily read for you.  Pretty simple focus - everything cool in gadgets and consumer electronics.  As the world moves to smartphones and clouds, great reads on what's coming and what is already available.


"The hidden side of everything."  If you've read the books, you'll understand why this site is listed as a spark site.  The award winning journalist and economist team exemplify how to take something and look at it differently as they demonstrate how the world is incredibly interconnected.  You'll be hooked once you give a read.

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