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Sean Brown

Chief Fire Starter


As Chief Fire Starter, Sean uses design thinking and creative problems solving skills, develped from his time with Disney and training through MIT, to help teams see new  opportunities and find unique solutions.

Ranging from ad agency experience working in a variety of industries, to non-profit marketing leadership with The Nature Conservancy, to 18 years in brand strategy and serving as an innovation catalyst for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Sean has a broad range of knowledge and experiences, all coupled with an innate curiosity.  

Sean has faciliated Disney sessions for new attractions and year long celebrations, and with companies such as Good Year, HP, McDonald's, Edison Properties and Denver Water, helping teams to see differently what they look at every day.

Living in Orlando, Sean spends his “down” time with his wife and two daughters.  While his girls pursue their passion in performing arts and engineering, Sean and his wife continue to sample their way through the world of mirco-brews. 


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