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They've Been Burned, and They Loved It!

Ignite The Mind is about helping you to think better regardless of the situation at hand.  Here's some of our friends who found great strategic and creative results from their brainstorm events.  Needless to say, they're hot for us!

Gloria Niec, Executive Director - The Celebration Foundation

"Managing a non-profit organization is always fulfilling...and equally challenging.  The Celebration Foundation is in a transition stage and the Executive Board decided it would serve us well to stop, take a deep look at our organization, and assess not only where we are, but also where we want to be in 12-18 months.  After working with Sean on a speaking engagement for one of our community programs, I decided to have Ignite The Mind facilitate our annual planning meeting with our board of trustees. Sean jumped in quickly to get an understanding of The Celebration Foundation, speaking with me and key members of our board before developing a facilitation plan.  He spent time listening and reading, taking it all in.  As a result, our 3-hour session went great!  Sean took us through a series of planned exercises to help us understand our current state-of-the-state, even raising some difficult questions which we needed to address.  He also did a great job earning the trust of our board members, many with past significant roles, making them feel comfortable with the open participation and engagement.  Sean's process has helped us to look at The Celebration Foundation through a new lens while providing us with a framework of next steps for our strategic plan."


Adam Pickett, CEO - My One Resource

"After nearly a year of developing our company's strategy, raising investor capital, building the product and prepping for launch, we needed an "outside the box" idea to make My One Resource a household name in a short period of time. As a result, we turned to Sean and Ignite The Mind to produce a half-day brainstorm session made up of marketing strategists, creative thinkers and key stakeholders.


Although we hoped to find a tangible launch idea from the session, we walked away with so much more: several concepts that could propel My One Resource into a nationally recognized brand, in addition to a plethora of rich social media content and dozens of marketing strategies & tactics. Sean organized all the details for the brainstorm and was a fantastic facilitator who has a natural talent of making people feel comfortable with sharing their ideas. He does a phenomenal job of "managing the room" while balancing the challenging aspect of staying focused on the task at hand, yet allowing the room to organically build on ideas and concepts.


As a business owner or leader, you tend to think you have a broad perspective of your organization, when in reality you only see what is right in front of you. Ignite The Mind will open your mind up to a new way of thinking about your company."

Heather Messal, Owner - SpiderBelt

"While looking for new ideas for the launch of my new business SpiderBelt, I engaged Ignite The Mind to help me look at my objectives and situation with fresh eyes. I get so caught up in the day-to-day operational issues that it's challenging to remain creative and objective. After interviewing me to gain an understanding of my business and challenges, Sean took my scenario and organized a brainstorm with his network of active marketing pros - I decided to see what an outside group would uncover instead of attending in person. I was thrilled when getting the brainstorm concepts and recommendations - they were certainly creative but also provided great strategic value grounded from our first interview. I took immediate action on some of the issues they pointed out and have a timeline set up for integrating the remaining, very valuable items they uncovered. It's so easy to become consumed with a startup and lose perspective. Sean's team was such a huge help. They had manageable action items that only a team of professionals would be able to design. I'm grateful to have Ignite The Mind as a secret weapon and look forward to Phase II of SpiderBelt thanks to their feedback."

Melissa Livingston, Co-founder - Goodie Tins

"As happens with many business owners, I was managing the day to day of Goodie Tins and realized I needed to consider some creative jolts to not only identify opportunities to increase business, but to also get me and my business partner excited about the future. I met with Ignite The Mind to discuss and he suggested we try a short session with a select group of creative influencers outside of Goodie Tins to get a fresh perspective on my business. The small group was organized in more of a social structure that allowed group discussion and interaction for the 90-minute brainstorm. I was so excited at the end of the session because of the incredible feedback, insights and ideas that I got from the group. Sean did a great job leading the group, keeping them engaged, and he somehow is able to see ideas and situations from a 180 degree perspective that most of us just can get to. The short session was just what I needed to get re-energize about the potential of my business while getting some immediately actionable tactics that would move Goodie Tins forward."

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