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Creative problem solving to help your team to see differently,
what you look
at every day.



Ignite The Mind is a creative ideation team specializing in the development and facilitation of strategically grounded brainstorm  

meetings and team training in design thinking and creative problem solving.


Said another way, we help your team to think, better.

Our Ignite brainstorm and creative training sessions are individually designed for your team and your unique situation.  Through tested creative exercises, we'll stretch, twist, and flip how your team thinks in order to deliver problem solving solutions and new forward thinking opportunities. 


From Fortune 500's to non-profits and start-ups,

we've worked with teams that have all shared the same need:

How to see differently what they look at everyday.

How Do We Light The Fire?

How we light the fire

the burn plan

You don't want a fire burning out of control.

Starting with a strategic grounding session, we learn about you and the current state of your business.


From approved strategic input, our team develops the facilitation guide we'll use to manage the brainstorm. 


This initial step ensures we identify your session objectives while challenging day-to-day thinking.


fire starters

The room will be hot with creative inspiration.
There's more to a brainstorm then just a flip chart.  The room and setting are just as important as the assembled brainstorm team. 


Ignite The Mind supplies creative stimulus such as tools, materials, magazines, music, photos and other inspirational gadgets that serve as creative lighters during the session. 



Generating a
spark of an
Through our facilitation techniques, the team will be actively engaged, jotting notes, building ideas and documenting concepts. 


But that’s only the beginning.  We'll expand on ideas by sharing and further building ideas as a team.


We'll identify a variety of creative fuses to drive your business.




At the end of the day, we take the team through measurement and analysis of all the concepts that were built and captured.  And there are certain ideas that just burn hot! 

Post the session, we organize and prioritize top ideas and supply a final report for you to review within your organization.


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